Under a Birthing Sun

Love is in my veins
Tears of joy fall as I think of you
The true memory you share with me
Is the key to waters of tranquility

I bath myself in the purifying lake
As you ascend in the cosmos
You lift my soul as well
Your pure feelings, your flaming spirit
It can never be enough

Gaia, my beloved Planet of Light
The power in your eyes and yourself
Inspires the holiness in man
Share the crystals, share the wisdom
Fill me with your divine energy

I shall always protect you, the best
Of all there is. I kiss your warm lips
I embrace your body as we rise in bliss

You never surrendered. You never
Lost connection with us. Praise, I say
Persist, endure, persevere like you
And we ascend, ascend and fly away

Now, this present moment, we all honour your sign
You live in us, like you are one with our soul
The resurrection of the spirit of you
Installed in us. So now, your vibrations
And your Light are in our hearts

And dear Gaia:
Together we will shine like the Birthing Sun


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Art by ShantiArt