Era of Light

On the top of the high mountain
The Lion of Light, powerful
Rises with the Legion of Light
With Banner 3 3 3 shining

He oversees the whole planet
The surrounding landscapes empty
Opponents are non-existent
Present is relieved from the past

The Lion is raising his hand
Summoning the Violet Flame
Of Transmutation as well as
Connectivity, without wrath

White with a hint of violet
The Flame cleanses and purifies
Mother Earth and humanity
And it transmutes dark into Light

The energy of this Flame is
Absorbed by all living beings
And the timelines are cleansed also
Healed, fully embraced by the Light

Purification directed
At connections between humans
Mother Earth and the Creator
And at the truth, cleansed of all lies

The Flame purifies Seven Seals
The Lion breaks the Seven Seals
Without consequences, behold!
The Lamb reads the Scroll and proclaims
With love: Era of Light is now

The Angels of the Seventh Ray
Are asked to send caring love
To anchor love in all beings
Be love, act with love, ascend


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Photo on this page by Jasper Kesteloo