Poetry of Light

Update: 4th-7-2020

“Christ is Love”

Be extended Love
Act from a
Heart of Love

Never bow to
Fear, release fear
React with Love

All manifestations against
Love will dissolve
Create with Love

This is the
Triumph of Christ


Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Image from Pixabay

“Inter Caetera Transmutatum”

Universal unconditional Love
We extend equally
To all humans

We celebrate life
On Earth with
Each unique being

This is the
Truth no written
Bull can change

The Light remains
In Agro Universo


Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Image from Pixabay, enhanced by Anton

“Short Way Home”

Humanity had chosen
The long way
Home to Source

Which resulted in
Many different experiences
Dark and Light

Now it is
Time for an
Acceleration of growth

Faithful we take
The shortcut home


Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Image from Pixabay

“Circle of Love”

Thank you for
Showing us how
Important closeness is

The prescribed distance
Reminds us to
Value physical nearness

As social beings
We meet each
Other within the

One point five
Circle of Love


Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Image from Pixabay

“Replace the Statues”

Statues which are
Remnants of an
Age of disharmony

Do no longer
Fit in the
Era of Love

Replace the statues
Of the past
By sculptures that

Symbolise peace, oneness
Love and joyfulness


Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Image from Pixabay

“Message from Sun”

Sunburst solstice energies
Full of Love
To overflow Earth

To inspire humans
To initiate acts
Of unconditional Love

Straightforward transparant messages
Simple yet new
To many humans

Follow your intuition
Follow your Love


Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Image from Pixabay

“Unbound Love”

The oppressors intended
To control humanity
They introduced laws

Slavery, contracts, marriage
To restrict our
Freedom and Love

Now we break
Those ancient chains
Dissolve programmed patterns

We free ourselves
We unbind Love


Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Image from Pixabay

“Devotion to Light”

My life is
Devoted to the
Light of Source

I show diligence
In aligning myself
With the Light

I surrender myself
To the guidance
Of the Light

I speak truth
I am Light


Poem and photo by Jasper Kesteloo

“Gift of Transformation”

The interrupting breakdown
Of the lockdown
Eruption of life

The welcome retreat
Of low vibrations
Clearance for freedom

Disruption of structures
Creative innovative visions
New leadership emerges

Gift of transformation
Initiation, activation, impartation


Poem and photo by Jasper Kesteloo

“Accelerated Spiritual Evolution”

Archangel Metatron invites
Star Beings to
Gather on Venus

Twelve powerful healers
From Andromeda, Pleiades
Arcturus and Sirius

By providing healing
Energies they activate
A transformation process

They prepare us
For new beginnings


Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Image from Pixabay

“The Glorious Return”

Faithful and True
He appears from
Heaven standing open

Justice riding on
A white horse
Supported by legions

His flaming sword
Symbol of peace
His red robe

The colour of
Passion and Love


Painting by Melani Pyke
Poem by Jasper Kesteloo

“Art of Forgiving”

Beings who have
Abused or harmed
Others are moved

Intrinsically and sincerely
To reach out
Asking for forgiveness

Divinely guided they
Shall receive forgiveness
For their deeds

Forgiveness creates harmony
And mutual healing


Painting by Melani Pyke
Poem by Jasper Kesteloo

“Christ Revelation”

I follow Christ

Yet the cross
Does not belong
To my identity

I did not
Carry the cross
I did not

Wear a cross
I have not
Been crucified and

I didn’t suffer


Poem and photo by Jasper Kesteloo

“Apocalypse of Love”

I. Breath of Love

I breath Love
And Truth into
The religious books

Love and Truth
Only will manifest
In our lives

The discernment of
The Light displayed
You will be

Witness to the
Revelations of Love

II. Network of Love

Network of Love
Invitations and messages
Sent and received

Encounters between beings
Love at the
Level of ecstasy

Unknown made known
Worldwide connections creating
A new timeline

A new dimension
Network of Love

III. Apocalypse of Love

Books once closed
Tablets once hidden
Scrolls once burned

Secret archives of
The Universe have
Preserved all words

Letters of Love
Are made public
Available to all

The long awaited
Apocalypse of Love

22nd-12-2019 conceived
1st-6-2020 edited

Poems and photo by Jasper Kesteloo

“Divine Pentecost”

“Divine Energies”

To God I
Am known as
The Lion Christ

Humanity invited me
To help out
On Mother Earth

I am here
To guide you
To fill you

With energies of
Love and Light

“Divine Protection”

Sending negative energy
Or black magic
Is not accepted

And will be
Redirected to the
Sender immediately by

The Universe as
A self created
Experience or lesson

This is known
As divine protection

“Divine La-Na”

Amplifier of the Truth vibration
Decipherer of Creator’s wisdom
Interpreter of Creator’s essence

You allow an in depth understanding
Of the Creator’s will and principle
You assist in Truth’s manifestation

The words that travel from your heart centre
To the hearts of people through bonds of Light
Are accurate, sincere and passionate

The desire that is burning within you
La-Na, you receive and you unfold Truth

Poems by Jasper Kesteloo
Image from Pixabay

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