Overwhelming Overture

Overwhelming overture
Behold the liberating power
Enhanced and evolved
By the Forces of Light

The process of life is our fate to be
From the skies blessings descend like rain
Turn within and ascend, turn within and rise
Our arms stretched out in gratitude

The death as described in scrolls doesn’t exist
The knowing of eternal existence of our being

By the divine energy inside
Enter a world
Beyond the dense dimension

By the visions of the New Earth
Manifestation arrives
Our fate to be, this shall be done

State of Peace
Open our eyes
Live forever
Breath a countless times

Above the fertile ground
Our flesh is free
Our souls dance in joy
With the powers beyond

In this beginning
We are full of Love within
Once again
We will rise above the programmed life

We show – The realm where everything lives
Know that this place exists
We open our eyes


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Art by Charlotte Bird