Trilogy of Light

1. My day has come

From the ashes of the masked God
Enshadowed by the freezing moon
Walking the dark path of sorrow
I – Risen from the cold as ice

Transformation of the castle
Phoenix of flaming energy
Enlightened by the Universe
I – Spiritual warrior

Lion of Light is now unleashed


2. Force of Light

You human – Destroying Earth
Our beloved Paradise
You have had your time to learn
Now the Face of Light has changed

The Lamb showed the peaceful way
The Lion – The Force of Light
Led by Light, Leader of Light
Now descends upon the Earth

All evil will bow and know
Final judgment will be made


3. Choice of Destiny

You human – We will not wait
For you to visit Our Gate
The choice of your destiny
Will be made on Earth – gravely

Out of time, you can not wait
You are facing Heaven’s Gate
Only two paths left or Right
Choose between dark or Light

Free yourself of your grievance
Last chance for deliverance

Recorded be dark or Light
By Our Celestial Scribe
Sent by the triumphant Light


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Art on this page by Lily A. Seidel