Triumphant March of Light

Book of Happiness
Birthed in joy and courage
Eager to discover the world
The Return of the Light

Book of Truth
Flourish, flourish, flourish my child
Beginning of the spiritual journey
The Light always present within

Book of Introspection
Wandering and experiencing
Looking the dark in the eyes
The Light burning from within

Book of Revival
Masked God, Warrior of Light
Moving out of darkness
The Light guiding the way

Book of Slumber
Stabilising gradual growth
Manifestation of new Life
The Light whispering, calling

Book of Activation
Awakening and gathering
The Lion of Light rises
Showing His true face

Book of Healing
Transmutation of darkness
Into Love and Light
The Lion conquers

Book of Forgiving
Ye all appear before the Throne
Of God and are forgiven
Aligning with the Light 

Book of Love
Love is the source of Life
Love is the heart of all Beings
Love is the Light

Book of Creation
Ascending Beings of Light
Creating Nova Earth
Peaceful future is now

Book of Reunion
Family of Light
Company of Heaven
Rejoice in amazing Light


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Art on this page by Melani Pyke